After decades operating in the region on a wide variety of projects, the experts at Eayrs Plumbing and Heating have a wealth of experience to offer your  heating project. We maintain relationships with skilled, reliable suppliers whose equipment we trust to operate well in Alaska. Contact us for more information on services and availability.

Radiant Floor Heating

For home heat that offers both efficiency and comfort, it’s difficult to beat the long-term benefits of radiant floor heating. The quality is noticeable from the moment you walk into a room, where not just the circulating air is heated, but the entire home, from the ground up. These effective systems reduce long-term costs, limit the circulation of airborne allergens, and free up floor plans by requiring zero space for baseboards or other floor-top units.

These systems can be used in combination with a variety of heat and plumbing construction, both new and established, including our popular solar heat options. Contact us for more information on how to make your home or business radiant.