Solar Water Heating

Alaskans know how to adapt to and thrive within the big changes in temperature and light that our seasons bring. This can be true of our homes as well. Solar water heating provides energy saving options for home and business owners, allowing you to supplement your heating system with reliable, natural warmth. Captured solar energy warms circulating water, which can then supply your household plumbing and heat source. Water that’s been consistently heated through daily solar uptake requires less energy to bring up to temperature. For Alaskans, this means long light hours in the summer season provide a healthy mid-year cost savings, and these hardy systems help cut the power bill when the cold months set in.

We work with a variety of reliable products and designs that can adapt to your life and home. Contact us about your current heating system, or your new construction plans, and we can help you find the solar heat option that best fits the needs of your household.